He stuck to his talking points and came to represent the

‘maverick’ of the Senate and former POW

Sen. John S. McCain, the son and grandson of four star admirals, was bred for combat. He canada goose jacket outlet endured more than five years of imprisonment and torture by the North Vietnamese as a young naval officer and went on to battle foes on the left and the right in Washington, driven throughout by a code of honor that both defined canada goose outlet uk and haunted him.

Sen. McCain, 81, died Aug. 25 at his ranch near Sedona, Ariz., his office announced in a statement. The senator was diagnosed last year with a brain tumor, and his family announced this week that he was discontinuing medical treatment.

buy canada goose jacket During three decades of representing Arizona in the Senate, he ran twice unsuccessfully for president. He canada goose outlet shop lost a bitter primary campaign to George W. Bush and the Republican establishment in 2000. He then came back to win the canada goose outlet in usa nomination in 2008, only to be defeated in the general election canada goose outlet nyc by Barack Obama, a charismatic Illinois Democrat who had served less than one term as canada goose factory outlet a senator. buy canada goose jacket

A man who seemed his truest self canada goose outlet when outraged, Sen. McCain reveled in going up against orthodoxy. The word “maverick” practically became a part of his name.

canada goose clearance sale Sen. McCain regularly struck at the canons of his party. He ran against the GOP grain by advocating campaign finance reform, liberalized immigration laws and a ban on the CIA’s use of “enhanced canada goose outlet canada interrogation techniques” widely condemned as torture against terrorism suspects. canada goose clearance sale

canadian goose jacket To win his most recent reelection battle in 2016, for a sixth term, he positioned himself as a more conventional Republican, unsettling many in his political fan base. But in the era of President Trump, he again became an outlier. canadian goose jacket

[President Trump ordered the American flag to be flown at half staff in honor of Sen. John McCain]

buy canada goose jacket cheap The terms of engagement between the two had been defined shortly after Trump became a presidential candidate and Sen. McCain commented that the celebrity real estate magnate had “fired up the crazies.” At a rally in July 2015, canada goose outlet jackets Trump who avoided the Vietnam draft with five deferments spoke scornfully of Sen. McCain’s military bona fides: “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” buy canada goose jacket cheap

Once Trump was in office, Sen. McCain was among his most vocal Republican critics, saying that the president had weakened the United States’ standing in the world. He also warned that the spreading investigation over Trump’s ties to Russia was “reaching the point where it’s of Watergate size and scale.”

cheap canada goose uk Sen. McCain arrives canada goose outlet in the Capitol to vote against a GOP plan to replace the Affordable Care Act in July 2017, less than two weeks after surgery to remove a blood clot from above his left eye and days after his office announced he was diagnosed with brain cancer. The vote marked a spectacular break with President Trump. (Oliver Contreras/For The Washington Post) cheap canada goose uk

Sen. McCain’s most dramatic break with Trump came nine days after the Arizona senator announced on July 19, 2017, that he had been diagnosed with brain cancer. He returned to the Senate chamber, an incision from surgery still fresh above his left eye, and turned thumbs down on a GOP plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. Sen. McCain’s no vote, along with those of two other Republicans, sent his party’s signature legislative goal hurtling toward oblivion.

uk canada goose outlet In both of his own presidential races, Sen. McCain had dubbed his campaign bus the “Straight Talk Express.” To the delight of reporters who traveled with him in 2000, he was accessible and unfiltered, a scrappy underdog who delighted in upsetting the Republican order. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose black friday sale “He was always ready for the next experience, the next fight. “He took enjoyment from fighting, not winning or losing, as long as he believed he was fighting for a cause worth the trouble.” canada goose black friday sale

canada goose clearance So broad and party bending was his appeal that Senate Democrats in 2001 canada goose black friday sale quietly tried to persuade him to become one of them. In 2004, Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry, a Senate colleague who later became Obama’s secretary of state, considered offering canada goose outlet parka Sen. McCain the second spot on his ticket. canada goose clearance

canada goose coats Sen. McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign turned out to be a far more conventional operation than his first bid for the White House. He stuck to his talking points and came to represent the status quo that he had once promised to topple. canada goose coats

Sen. McCain speaks with his 2008 vice presidential running mate, then Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, surrounded by their families at a rally in Dayton, Ohio. Her presence on the ticket briefly boosted his campaign. (Melina Mara/TWP/TWP)

One move, canada goose outlet reviews however, would come to be regarded as a reckless political gambit. Sen. McCain picked as his vice presidential running mate the canada goose outlet store little known, thinly vetted governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

Her well received convention speech initially gave the sagging Republican nominee a lift, and her independent streak reinforced Sen. McCain’s message and reputation. Looking back on the decision in 2012, Sen. McCain said he had been looking for “a way to galvanize and energize our campaign.”

canada goose But Palin’s performance in http://www.canadagoosecanadaoutlet.com interviews and on the stump sowed doubts about whether she was prepared official canada goose outlet to be next in line for the presidency and, by Election Day, polls indicated that she had become a drag on his candidacy. canada goose

canada goose factory sale When he goose outlet canada acted like an ordinary politician, trimming principles in the cause of ambition and expedience, it was all the more jarring because of the standard he had set. In the years that followed, a question often asked was: Which is the real John McCain? canada goose factory sale

Canada Goose Outlet He represented the end of an era during which the nation looked at wartime military experience as practically mandatory for those who aspire to high office. “McCain was part of the tradition of being able to canada goose outlet uk sale say, ‘I did public service when I was young,’” historian Douglas Brinkley said. Canada Goose Outlet

Sen. McCain announced in September 1999 that he was running for the Republican nomination for president, it was yet another assault on the political establishment, which had put its chips on then Texas Gov. Bush, the son of a former president.

cheap Canada Goose “In truth, I had had the ambition for a long time. It had been a vague aspiration,” he later wrote. “It had been there, in canada goose outlet sale the back of my mind, for years, as if it were simply a symptom of my natural restlessness. Life is forward motion for me.” cheap Canada Goose

canada goose uk outlet He ran as a truth telling reformer, held a record setting 114 town hall meetings in New Hampshire (while effectively ignoring the Iowa caucuses) and pulled off a stunning 18 point victory over Bush in the Granite State’s first in the canada goose outlet online nation primary. But his campaign ran aground in South Carolina in canada goose outlet store uk what came to be regarded as the nastiest primary in memory. canada goose uk outlet

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Sen. McCain was the target of rumors: that he had fathered a canada goose outlet black friday black child (twisting the facts about his dark skinned adopted daughter); that his wife had a drug habit (she acknowledged having been addicted to painkillers and stealing them from a charity she ran); that canada goose outlet online uk his years as a POW had left canada goose outlet toronto factory him brainwashed and insane. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose store One of his regrets, he later said, was getting tangled up in South Carolina’s emotional debate over flying the Confederate flag at the capitol in Columbia. After describing the banner as “a symbol of racism and slavery,” Sen. McCain bowed to the pleas of his panicked strategists and issued a statement saying he could “understand both sides” of the question canada goose store.

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